New York becomes Tiffany blue

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Do you remember the famous final scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

The first jewellery collection of the chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff is called “Paper Flowers”. The best part of it, it is entirely dedicated to Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Reed Krakoff’s first jewellery collection was inspired by our beloved Holly Golighly, and more precisely, her long black dress and tiara, eating croissant and contemplating jewellery in front of Tiffany’s.

Holly Golightly Breakfast At Tiffany's

The whole city of New York will be painted in Tiffany Blue to mark this project. We will be able to admire cabs, subway, shops, streets, clocks and traffic lights entirely painted in blue. Take a closer look…

Tiffany Blue Cab

Tiffany Blue Traffic Light

Tiffany Blue Painted Shop

This week, starting from 1st May, in New York, the brand will be offering a number of limited edition Tiffany-branded Metro cards, as well as performances from BMX bikers and skateboarders, who will be surprising New Yorkers with freestyle tricks – dressed in Tiffany blue.

And our marvelous Tiffany journey doesn’t stop here. We will have the chance to buy a croissant and drink a cup of coffee from a Tiffany blue coffee cart. Isn’t it a place like this a dream for every Holly Golightly fan?

Tiffany Blue Coffee Cart
Tiffany Blue Coffee Cart

Below you can admire Reed Krakoff’s rendering of a Tiffany taxi and bottega

This beautiful initiative will terminate on 4th of May so if you are in New York and have the chance to go and visit Tiffany and co shop and surroundings, don’t twink twice!

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