Audrey’s Favorite Pumps

audrey hepburn flat shoes

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Do you have ballerina shoes in your closet like Audrey Hepburn had? Even though she had to wear mid heels for her roles and ceremonies, in her spare time, Audrey loved her colourful pump shoes! Take a look at her selection below!

audrey hepburn flat shoes

audrey hepburn pump shoes

Images from Christie’s Auction in London
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In collaboration with Top Vintage, we selected for you 5 different pair of ballerina flat shoes that are inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s style. They are all unique and for every taste!

Take a glimpse of them below and tell us what you think!











Ballerina dot shoes black

These beautiful pair of Audrey’s pumps are made of black semi-transparent mesh with playful polka dots, black patent toes and a bow. They are comfy and classy. You can walk around being elegant and your feet don’t need to hurt! The perfect choice for a ballerina shoes lover!

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Black polka dot ballerinas

Cream and black ballerina shoes
The cream and black pumps are an excellent choice for a dress or jeans. You can combine them with all kinds of clothes. Very light on the feet and with skid resistant sole to ensure a firm grip. They come with an elegant draw string bag, carrying them in your handbag has never been easier!

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Bag Ballerina Shoes
Audrey Hepburn white pumps


black pumps red heart

We all love these beautiful black pumps with a red heart on them. They are different from the classic ballerina shoes. The red heart brings passion, style and a unique touch to your steps. The pumps can be combined with a black or red purse or handbag. We can wear them with a pair of pencil jeans or a swing dress during Spring, Summer and Autumn. A lovely pair of shoes that will bring joy and character to our look.

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Our next choice for this 5 pumps selection are the rose bow pumps. These ballerina shoes can be worn with a white pants or skirt combined with a rose top or shirt. If you prefer to wear a dress with the pumps, pick a pink swing dress. Let’s embrace the colours of the Spring and Summer seasons together wearing a pair of cute, comfy and elegant rose flats.

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Cat ballerina shoes Audrey HepburnThese beautiful and unique ballerina shoes will bring so much positivity and good mood to your day! Audrey Hepburn was constantly wearing pumps. They are comfortable, cute and you can wear them with everything – dress, skirt, pants. Simply adorable!

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Audrey Hepburn pumps collection

Enjoy your pumps collection and spread some positive energy!

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